About us

In life, as in everything, commitment, experience, professionalism and passion are all you need!

"'Sorrè' is born from the dream of a family with a great heart and a pure and unconditional love for its origins, for its own land!

The company was founded with the aim of ensuring quality, through genuine products, made through artisanal methods.

Satisfying customers is for us the greatest desire, because being Calabrese means giving the soul, always!

It is precisely in this land that ''Sorrè' was born and is growing, committing day after day to keep its traditions alive and to guarantee the best, that its land offers, to its customers.

She is also proud to have been born in this beautiful region, with immense expanses of greenery, lakes and rivers that cross it and finally rejoin the sea.

'You owe it to this if foreign travelers,

Calabria, they are disoriented.

They can't define it.

They find it different, not only from the other Italian regions,

but from anywhere in the world.''

Cit. Guido Piovene

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Our watchword is: 'tradition', yes, because traditions are of paramount importance to us. Our roots must not be forgotten, on the contrary, we must respect them!

It is precisely respect that is the first thing that Calabresi teach us, since we were children, teach us to appreciate and respect everything that our land offers us.

We grew up with 'Grandma's cheeses' and 'Uncle's charcuterie', with the smell of the must intoxicating our nostrils when we helped Grandpa make wine, we grew up with the scent of zucchini and eggplants, which every day Dad, after going to the garden, brought home.

We grew up with the smell of tomatoes that Mom let dry in the sun, and then turned them into oils.

Our dream was to be as good as them!

From little people going to the countryside to 'help the grown-ups' to collect olives or crush them was a joy. We loved doing it!

Today we still love to be counted with our wonderful land.

Ours is a rich region but too undervalued and we, through our society, try to enhance our excellence, we want to make our flavors and smells known, but above all we want to make our customers feel the feeling of going back in time.