Our delights are produced by handcrafted methods without additives, dyes and preservatives. They are the perfect accompaniment for meats and cheeses.

Annona's Delight


It is prepared using theAnnona,an exotic fruit with a sweet and refined taste, appreciated all over the world, now also Calabrese.
This speciality is great to enjoy to accompany mature cheeses, make tasty tarts or as far as...

Chilli delight


The main ingredient of this delight is the well-known and beloved Calabrese Chili, appreciated for its spicy and harmonious flavor.
This speciality is ideal to accompany fresh and seasoned cheeses, spicy croutons or as a seasoning for...

Red Onion Delight


This speciality is prepared with the "Red Onion of Tropea Calabria I.G.P.", renowned all over the world for its particular sweetness.
It is perfect for enhancing the taste of fresh or seasoned cheeses - especially pecorino cheese - but it...

Spilinga's Nduja in jar


The Nduja, born in the village of Spilinga (VV) is one of the quintessential products of Calabria, ourNduja is obtained from the meat and pork fat combined with the spicy chili.
For an authentic taste we...